Pics from the 1st day (belated)

It was snowing pretty hard when we got there…and for the whole next 24 hours. We didn’t see the mountains for a while. The driveway¬†to our house was too snowy for our 2WD vehicles – both got stuck within 100m of the house and we had to drag our luggage through the snow into the house. I thought this was a pretty memorable way to arrive! We then took off for barn chores, with the students trusting the teachers knew what we were doing as we led them off into the snowy gloom across a frozen lake!

Never got these pics posted during the trip – they were on a different camera and I missed them until now.

Melissa & Natalie snuggling with Boris the bear in the van


James & Corbey resting up in the van
I declare the van “stuck.” There was a nice coating of ice under the fluffy snow. Luckily the facilities crew as NCS had us unstuck pretty quickly, and the road plowed.


Dragging the luggage to the Rockefeller House though the heavily falling snow.


Yeah, it was snowing pretty hard.


Off across the frozen lake to our first barn chores – we could barely see the far side of the lake through the snow, and definitely couldn’t see the mountains.


Snowshoeing to our first barn chores.


Learning from NCS students how to do barn chores


Resting in the snow.


James mostly buried in snow.