Student Photos – Essential Question

Students were asked to pick ONE of their photos (so hard to choose!) that they felt best addressed our¬†essential question of “How does a community live sustainably in the heart of the largest state park in the United States — bigger than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon National Parks combined?”

Sunday night, we had a slideshow after our delicious farmer’s banquet. Students all gave a short statement of why they chose their photo and what it meant to them. (I hope to have students add these reflections to this post later!) Here are some of the pics – hope to get the rest later.

Natalie Lifson


Melissa Tungare


Victoria Gu


Anna Kovacs


Corbey Ellison


James Raincsuk


Chris Ticas


Photo by Jeff Jewett: Chris tapping the maple tree, Adelaide looking on expectantly while instructor Katie Culpepper is excited for the FIRST tapped tree of the 2017 Maple Sugaring season. The sap was flowing, too!


Maile Winterbottom


Adelaide Lance


Megan Jones